Corporate & School Programmes

Our regular programmes are usually free for individual members of the public. However, companies and schools sometimes approach us to conduct a session specially for their staff or students so that they may experience what food waste and food loss in Singapore looks like.

As these sessions are conducted outside our regular time slots, we charge a fee to the company or school to organise them. This fee goes towards paying the costs of running the programme, including stipends for our volunteers to help facilitate the running of the session, logistics cost, and towards the long-term sustainability of SG Food Rescue.

Depending on the programme selected, your staff or students may be entitled to each take home ONE (1) marketing trolley of food that is rescued. We believe that the best way to transform a person’s mindset about food waste is to take it home, cook it, and eat it. That is why taking home the rescued food is part of the experience as well.

The balance of the food that is rescued goes towards our Food Recipients, which are soup kitchens and charities that feed the food insecure; and public community fridges for the underprivileged, which are available 24/7 for anyone to put food in or take food from. If you have a specific charity that you would like us to deliver the food to, you may also bring this up to us for discussion.

Our programmes are:

Veggie Rescue @ Pasir Panjang

Suitable for: 15-20 pax

Recommended days / times: 9.30am to 12.30pm on Tue / Thu / Sat

Description: This is our flagship programme. You will get to experience food loss at the wholesale level of the food supply chain. Every day, it is estimated that 20,000kg to 30,000kg of vegetables and fruits get discarded at this wholesale market. Participating in a veggie rescue mission here will help to save about 1000kg of fresh produce and redirect it to people who can use it.

Price: $40 per pax

Little India Veggie Collection

Suitable for: 10-15 pax

Recommended days / times: 9.15pm to 10.45pm on Mon / Fri

Description: This is our only night-time programme. It allows you to experience food loss at the retailer level of the food supply chain. Every day, each minimart in this area throws away about 10-20kg of fresh produce. Participating in a veggie collection mission here will help to save about 100kg to 200kg of fresh produce and redirect it to people who can use it.

Price: $15 per pax

Fridge Restock

Suitable for: 5-15 pax

Recommended days / times: 3-5pm or 5-7pm on Thu / Fri

Description: This is our only afternoon / early evening programme. It allows you to experience the logistical challenge of transporting rescued food from a food donor to a food recipient. The team has to work together to figure out how to transport heavy cartons of fresh produce from one point to another, and also to sort and process the food before it can be given to the underprivileged.

Price: $20 per pax

Talks / Panel Discussions / Q&A

Suitable for: Any number

Recommended days / times: Flexible

Description: Mindset transformation about food waste is best done through first-hand experience. However, sometimes that’s not possible if you want to create awareness of the problem in large numbers of people in a short span of time. For that, we are open to accepting invitations to speak at your event or session. Please contact us for more details.

Price: $100 to $900, depending on audience size and format of talk

Below is an infographic that summarises our programmes:

Corporate Programmes

We look forward to hearing from you!