Kampung Picnic

Kampung Picnic was born in a parking lot at Little India over a hotpot, and two girls who wanted to share food that would otherwise have gone to an incineration plant or was taken from peoples’ gardens and backyards and windowsills.

Now it’s a monthly, free, community-based potluck to gather people who love food (don’t pretend, that’s you) over a hotpot, stir-fry, home-cooked or home-grown, dumpster-dived (or all of the above) meal.

We meet monthly to cook and eat together, and consider how to move our food systems towards one that’s better for the planet, our health and each other).

We’re always on the lookout for new ideas and venues. If you’d like to be kept informed about the next Kampung Picnic, please check out our Facebook Page and Like it.

Disclaimer: Please note that by joining this SG Food Rescue activity, you agree that the organisers and Food Donors are not liable for any health failure due to the consumption of food supplied. Please do your due diligence and make your own judgement on the suitability of the food supplied for your own consumption. If you’re not sure how to do this, please ask.

Alternatively, come and see what else we do.