KK Cooked Food Rescue

Every day thousands of food business produce more food than they can sell. They would rather have more than enough than not enough food, for every unfilled order is a missed sale. Hence, every one of these food businesses likely has food waste. The more successful the business, the higher the amount of food waste generated.

However, this is not limited to businesses. It applies to soup kitchens as well. We work with Krishna’s Kitchen, a soup kitchen in Little India that not only helps to reduce food waste by receiving rescued vegetables and fruits from our Veggie Rescue @ Pasir Panjang missions, but also gives to our food rescuers their surplus food from each day’s lunch session.

The food is vegetarian Indian cuisine with no onions and garlic.

If you would like to be part of this food rescue, please read this briefing first. You will find instructions on how to join the rescue.