Here are some videos to show what we do:

Reducing Food Waste with SG Food Rescue
Produced by Gone Adventurin


SGFR Expired Food Rescue mission #1 – 27/2/18
Produced by SG Food Rescue


Below is a list SG Food Rescue mentions:

15 Apr 2018: Frugal in Singapore
Food Waste in Singapore: What SG Food Rescue is Doing & What You Can Do

7 Apr 2018:
S’porean dumpster diver shows where to get free food besides dustbins

25 Mar 2018: Channel 8 News
CH 8 News Tonight 晚间新闻 (9:20 onwards)

25 Mar 2018: TODAYonline
5,000 free meals made from ‘ugly food’ to raise awareness about food waste

23 Mar 2018: The New Paper
5,000 free meals this Sunday to raise awareness about food wastage

12 Mar 2018: Our Better World
Does this look like it’s not fit for eating?

8 Mar 2018: Green Drinks Singapore
Ten ways to be more eco conscious this year

6 Mar 2018: Coconuts Singapore
Volunteer group SG Food Rescue collects excess food; calls out for suggestions on charities to donate to

5 Mar 2018: Mothership
SG Food Rescue has collected lots of fresh food, needs your tips for charities who can benefit