Here are some videos to show what we do:

Free (from 2:40)
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Feeding the 5000 Singapore – reducing food waste with SG Food Rescue en the Food Bank
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SGFR Expired Food Rescue mission #1 – 27/2/18
Produced by SG Food Rescue

Below is a list SG Food Rescue mentions:

12 Feb 2019: Anthea Indira Ong
Legislating Food Waste. We Can Do More.

12 Feb 2019: ChannelNewsAsia
Anthea Ong on Singapore Food Agency Bill

11 Feb 2019: Lianhe Zaobao
爱心冰箱 人心照妖镜

2 Feb 2019: SG Cares
“The more you give, the less you want, because nothing beats the feeling of giving more and giving freely.”

16 Jan 2019: Suria
Detik 2018/2019 – EP34

30 Dec 2018: Yahoo! News
Free food in Singapore: Community fridges launch in Dorset Road with free groceries for needy residents

28 Dec 2018: Business Times
Living life better in 2019

23 Nov 2018: China Plus America
They say there’s no such thing as a free meal

20 Nov 2018: The Smart Local
8 Ordinary Singaporeans Who Hustle At 2AM While The Rest Of The Country Sleep

1 Nov 2018: Superwoman
Ugly Foods Can Make A Tasty Meal Too

31 Oct 2018: Rice Media
The Myth of Expiry Dates, and Other Lessons a Dumpster Diver Learnt in a Year

21 Oct 2018: Channel 8 News
《晨心诚意》:回收弃菜蔬果 共享惜食

12 Oct 2018: The Business Times
A Good Space helps you help others

10 Oct 2018: JTC Newsletter
Green Day Out @ one-north

3 Oct 2018: Class 95
Aww-some News of the Day

1 Oct 2018:
Community refrigerators in Stirling Road filled with free groceries for needy residents

23 Sep 2018: Secondsguru
Food waste | The why, the how and what you can do, today!

19 Sep 2018:
There are 2 community refrigerators in Yishun with groceries for needy residents

15 Sep 2018: ChannelNewsAsia
Veggie Good Giveaway

14 Sep 2018: ChannelNewsAsia 
‘I hope people ask why we’re giving good food away’: Giveaway highlights food waste problem

14 Sep 2018: Channel 8 News 
志愿组织免费送800公斤食材 望食物浪费问题受关注

31 Aug 2018: Nas Daily
Would you eat this…?

6 Jul 2018: Singaporean Talks Money
Did anyone say free vegetables and fruits? – Experience with SGFoodRescue

3 Jul 2018: Zaobao

2 Jul 2018: Channel 8 News
“喂人别喂垃圾桶” 男子从垃圾桶“拯救”数百个面包

2 Jul 2018:
S’poreans dumpster dive to save hundreds of pieces of bread dumped by neighbourhood bakeries daily

15 Jun 2018: The Straits Times
Feeding the hungry with food that is ‘ugly looking’ (premium article)

3 May 2018: Lee Hsien Loong Facebook post

24 May 2018:
I joined a S’pore food rescue group for half a day. This was how much we collected.

30 Apr 2018: Eco Business
These Singaporeans are moving mountains…of food waste

23 Apr 2018: YP SG
He Started Out Scavenging For Free Meals, Now Gives Truckloads Of Food To The Needy

15 Apr 2018: Frugal in Singapore
Food Waste in Singapore: What SG Food Rescue is Doing & What You Can Do

7 Apr 2018:
S’porean dumpster diver shows where to get free food besides dustbins

25 Mar 2018: TODAYonline
5,000 free meals made from ‘ugly food’ to raise awareness about food waste

23 Mar 2018: The New Paper
5,000 free meals this Sunday to raise awareness about food wastage

8 Mar 2018: Green Drinks Singapore
Ten ways to be more eco conscious this year

6 Mar 2018: Coconuts Singapore
Volunteer group SG Food Rescue collects excess food; calls out for suggestions on charities to donate to

5 Mar 2018: Mothership
SG Food Rescue has collected lots of fresh food, needs your tips for charities who can benefit