When it comes to food waste, everyone is part of the problem. Therefore everyone has to be part of the solution. An important part of our fight to reduce food waste is to raise awareness of this problem, so that more people can work together to address it.

In this page, you will find our efforts to use media to show more people the extent of the problem of food waste in Singapore:

25 Oct 2019: Tabla!
Free meals in Little India

18 Sep 2019: SG Cares / SG Pulse
Imperfectly Edible

14 Sep 2019: ChannelNewsAsia
Commentary: Reduce waste by redistributing food surplus to those in need

6 Sep 2019: The Online Citizen
NMP Anthea Ong pushes for more urgent measures taken to combat climate change and redistribute food waste to charity

31 Aug 2019: Channel 8 News
减少食物浪费 国人收集食用过期食品

10 Aug 2019: The Straits Times
Food-saving app aims to cut waste (premium article, PDF here)

29 July 2019: Esquire 
Singapore subcultures: Cosplayers, drag queens, freegans, e-sport gamers, metalheads

4 July 2019:
Eat to your art’s content at Practice Tuckshop’s Recess Time

13 Jun 2019: South China Morning Post
Singapore’s food rescuers salvage expired, ugly food to fight waste

10 Jun 2019: The Straits Times
Home in focus: Going green by saving greens (premium article, PDF here)

1 Jun 2019: Tamil Murasu
Project Food Rescue – Zhenghua IAEC (video)

19 May 2019: Tamil Murasu
விரயம் தடுத்து சமூகத்திற்குத் தொண்டு

6 May 2019: ZB Schools

26 Apr 2019: The Featherweight Filmmaker
Free (video)

19 Apr 2019: Temasek
These Food Waste Heroes are Rescuing Vegetables, One Truck at a Time

13 Apr 2019: MoneySmart
How Much Food Waste is There in Singapore? I Went Dumpster Diving to Find Out

25 Mar 2019: ChannelNewsAsia
Fighting Food Waste In Singapore

21 Mar 2019: PPTV
Around the World by Karen Bua Khamsri | Freegan: Free Eating Movement

13 Mar 2019: The Straits Times
Asean students keen to solve social issues (premium article, jpg here)

28 Feb 2019: The Pride (Singapore Kindness Movement)
She goes out of her way to help an underprivileged family in her neighbourhood

27 Feb 2019: SG Food Rescue
SGFR Expired Food Rescue Mission #1 (video)

24 Feb 2019: Lianhe Zaobao
小贩中心派丑蔬果 宣扬减少食物浪费 (premium article)

12 Feb 2019: Anthea Indira Ong
Legislating Food Waste. We Can Do More.

12 Feb 2019: ChannelNewsAsia
Anthea Ong on Singapore Food Agency Bill

11 Feb 2019: Lianhe Zaobao
爱心冰箱 人心照妖镜

2 Feb 2019: SG Cares
“The more you give, the less you want, because nothing beats the feeling of giving more and giving freely.”

16 Jan 2019: Suria
Detik 2018/2019 – EP34

30 Dec 2018: Yahoo! News
Free food in Singapore: Community fridges launch in Dorset Road with free groceries for needy residents

28 Dec 2018: Business Times
Living life better in 2019

20 Nov 2018: The Smart Local
8 Ordinary Singaporeans Who Hustle At 2AM While The Rest Of The Country Sleep

1 Nov 2018: Superwoman
Ugly Foods Can Make A Tasty Meal Too

31 Oct 2018: Rice Media
The Myth of Expiry Dates, and Other Lessons a Dumpster Diver Learnt in a Year

21 Oct 2018: Channel 8 News
《晨心诚意》:回收弃菜蔬果 共享惜食

15 Oct 2018: Channel 8 News
《晨心诚意》:回收弃菜蔬果 共享惜食 (video)

12 Oct 2018: The Business Times
A Good Space helps you help others

10 Oct 2018: JTC Newsletter
Green Day Out @ one-north

3 Oct 2018: Class 95
Aww-some News of the Day

1 Oct 2018:
Community refrigerators in Stirling Road filled with free groceries for needy residents

23 Sep 2018: Secondsguru
Food waste | The why, the how and what you can do, today!

19 Sep 2018:
There are 2 community refrigerators in Yishun with groceries for needy residents

15 Sep 2018: ChannelNewsAsia
Veggie Good Giveaway

14 Sep 2018: ChannelNewsAsia 
‘I hope people ask why we’re giving good food away’: Giveaway highlights food waste problem

14 Sep 2018: Channel 8 News 
志愿组织免费送800公斤食材 望食物浪费问题受关注

31 Aug 2018: Nas Daily
Would you eat this…?

6 Jul 2018: Singaporean Talks Money
Did anyone say free vegetables and fruits? – Experience with SGFoodRescue

3 Jul 2018: Zaobao

2 Jul 2018: Channel 8 News
“喂人别喂垃圾桶” 男子从垃圾桶“拯救”数百个面包

2 Jul 2018:
S’poreans dumpster dive to save hundreds of pieces of bread dumped by neighbourhood bakeries daily

15 Jun 2018: The Straits Times
Feeding the hungry with food that is ‘ugly looking’ (premium article)

3 May 2018: Lee Hsien Loong Facebook post

24 May 2018:
I joined a S’pore food rescue group for half a day. This was how much we collected.

30 Apr 2018: Eco Business
These Singaporeans are moving mountains…of food waste

24 Apr 2018: Gone Adventurin
Feeding the 5000 Singapore – Reducing food waste with SG Food Rescue and the Food Bank (video)

23 Apr 2018: YP SG
He Started Out Scavenging For Free Meals, Now Gives Truckloads Of Food To The Needy

15 Apr 2018: Frugal in Singapore
Food Waste in Singapore: What SG Food Rescue is Doing & What You Can Do

7 Apr 2018:
S’porean dumpster diver shows where to get free food besides dustbins

25 Mar 2018: TODAYonline
5,000 free meals made from ‘ugly food’ to raise awareness about food waste

23 Mar 2018: The New Paper
5,000 free meals this Sunday to raise awareness about food wastage

8 Mar 2018: Green Drinks Singapore
Ten ways to be more eco conscious this year

6 Mar 2018: Coconuts Singapore
Volunteer group SG Food Rescue collects excess food; calls out for suggestions on charities to donate to

5 Mar 2018: Mothership
SG Food Rescue has collected lots of fresh food, needs your tips for charities who can benefit