At SG Food Rescue, our goal is to reduce food waste.

We do this by transforming people’s mindsets about food waste through our activities. These include our operational programmes, communities, talks, and public outreach events.

Our operations consists mainly of preventing edible food from going into bins by rescuing unsellable foodstuff that would otherwise be thrown away, and redistributing it to people who can use it.

Under Operations, we have the following programmes:

Veggie Rescue: We approach shopkeepers and vendors and ask them to give us their unsellable produce. We channel these perfectly edible food to our Food Recipients, which are usually soup kitchens, and charity organisations that feed the needy. We currently conduct Veggie Rescues at two locations:

Fridge RestockWe collect unsellable but edible food and restock community fridges in Singapore. We currently restock the community fridges in Yishun, Tampines, and Queenstown.

Expired Food Rescue: We sometimes collect tonnes of expired food that is no longer sellable, but still edible. We distribute these to people who enjoying consuming these, and educating people about expiry dates. This is done on an ad hoc basis, as and when we receive a call for help to rescue such food.

F&B Rescue: Sometimes food businesses such as caterers request for us to collect their unsold food. We give these to people usually for their own personal consumption, after educating them on how to take personal responsibility for the safety of the food they consume.

Second, we educate the public about food waste, its causes, and help bring about personal transformation in the way people view food. We do this through talks to companies and schools, and through public outreach events.