Veggie Hunt

This is where you get to experience firsthand the volume of edible food waste that takes place in Singapore at the retailer level. This activity usually takes place on a Friday night.

The activity begins at 10.00pm and ends at 12.00am. To get home by public transport, you will likely have to take a Nite Owl or Night Rider. You can check the bus routes and timings here.

Disclaimer: Please note that by joining this SG Food Rescue activity, you agree that the organisers and Food Donors are not liable for any health failure due to the consumption of food supplied. Please do your due diligence and make your own judgement on the suitability of the food supplied for your own consumption. If you’re not sure how to do this, please ask.

Veggie Hunts are currently suspended.

Would you like to try Little India Veggie Collection instead?

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